See The Rogue Cut Trailer For X-Men: Days Of Future Past


Normally, one wouldn’t get the lovely and talented Anna Paquin to play a role in a movie and then cut all of her scenes. Yet that’s exactly what happened to her when Paquin returned to her role as Rogue in X-Men: Days of Future Past, because as you might recall, she didn’t end up in the version of the movie that released to theaters or home video.

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Producer and writer Simon Kinberg has always been adamant that there might be a “Rogue Cut” of the film that restored Paquin’s character to the movie, and that time is almost upon us. X-Men: Days of Future Past – The Rogue Cut is headed to Blu-ray on July 14 (you can pre-order it now, of course), and there’s already a trailer for the new version of the film, which you can see below. The text isn’t in English, but the dialogue is, and there’s not much of it in any event.

The question is whether you need to buy this movie again just for Rogue, especially if you already own it. It’s tough to say without seeing the Rogue Cut first, but my guess is probably not. Just the fact that director Bryan Singer was able to easily chop out Rogue from the original cut pretty much implies that her role wasn’t very big.

Still, if you’re a huge fan of the character or the woman who plays her and you don’t already have X-Men: Days of Future Past in your home library, this is the way to go. More Paquin is never a bad thing, and there’s been no indication that we’ll see her in X-Men: Apocalypse, so this is likely your last chance to see her suit up. Something to think about, anyway.

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