Rumor: Final Wolverine Film To Be Based On Old Man Logan – UPDATE: Not True


UPDATE: June 19, 1:10 pm – Gonzalez has taken to Twitter to debunk his own rumor, citing more info from his sources.

Too bad, we suppose. Our original post follows.

Hugh Jackman has made it clear that the next Wolverine film will be his last. He might pop the claws in Deadpool or X-Men: Apocalypse, but he’s walking away from the character he’s played so many times after Logan has his third solo outing. The question is what story might form the basis for that movie, and an intriguing new rumor has popped up to suggest that it might use a very popular dark future as its source material.

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Umberto Gonzalez, EIC of Heroic Hollywood and ace super hero movie scooper provided this one while appearing on Popcorn Talk this week. Though he stated that the rumor was unconfirmed, he felt comfortable discussing which story Jackman would have to read up on next.

"Rumor is that the third and final Wolverine movie is gonna be based on “Old Man Logan.” I just dropped a scoop on the air."

Running in the main Wolverine comic toward the end of last decade, “Old Man Logan” threw Wolverine into a dystopian future where most familiar Marvel super heroes had been killed off, with the U.S. split into several territories ruled by super villains. Though Logan had retired and sought only to raise his family in some semblance of normalcy, a tragedy caused him to rethink his vow to never use his claws again as he set out on a perilous cross-country journey.

That’s really not even doing the story by Mark Millar justice, and it was aided by superb Steve McNiven art. The Old Man Logan Secret Wars tie-in appears to be revisiting that same future, albeit set later and on Battleworld.

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It would be dark material for the basis of a Marvel movie, but with Fox attempting to make X-Men movies while Marvel is seemingly de-emphasizing the franchise and Jackman leaving after this, no one involved has much to lose. We’ve also already seen the X-Men franchise reset continuity once in X-Men: Days of Future Past, so the filmmakers could feel free to tell a compelling story without feeling constrained in any way.

One big problem would be the fact that Fox doesn’t have the movie rights to the main villains who appear in “Old Man Logan,” but you could probably substitute X-Men foes and still make it work. Would you be excited to see this story adapted for the big screen or nervous about the compromises that might need to be made to pull it off? Hit us off with a comment below or holler at us on Twitter.

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