Suicide Squad: Is Scott Eastwood Deathstroke?


As much as we have have seen of Suicide Squad, several actors have roles that are still a mystery to us. For example, despite being in the cast photo and being seen plenty in leaked set photos, we have no clue who Scott Eastwood is playing. He in fact may just be some stock military dude for all we know. But Heroic Hollywood claims they have a big clue as to what Scott Eastwood’s role in Suicide Squad is.

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Heroic Hollywood is claiming they saw a name on Eastwood’s chest. That name is S. Wilson. Obviously if that’s true, that’s a heavy indicator that Scott Eastwood is playing Deathstroke. Though keep in mind that despite all these rumors of SOMEONE playing Deathstroke, we still have no confirmation that character is even in the film. That also makes Jim Parrack’s role in the film more of a mystery because he has not even been seen on set yet and has been heavily rumored to play Deathstroke. Hopefully we’ll kind some kind of solid answer soon.

In addition, Heroic Hollywood claims Common is indeed playing the Tattooed Man, which adds some credibility to the idea. Bronze Tiger has also been suggested, but his look fits Tattooed Man more. Suicide Squad opens in theaters August 5th, 2016.

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