Jeremy Irons Talks Big Films Versus Indies


Jeremy Irons is playing Bruce Wayne’s loyal butler Alfred in the upcoming Batman v Superman movie this year. He’s also starring in several upcoming independent films. He talked with about the differences between the two.

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When comparing big films and indies, Jeremy Irons seemed to favor indies a little more, quipping:

"I don’t see films as blockbusters or independents. I just see good and bad scripts. I suppose that’s why my career has been so diverse. The main difference with the huge-budget films is that you see your co-stars less, there’s a lot of waiting."

Despite being in a big comic book movie, Jeremy Irons is also the latest in a line of Hollywood people to claim that comic book and big budget blockbusters are hurting smaller indie films (though at least he doesn’t claim that they are stupid and lazy like some):

You can’t blame the studios for playing it safe. It’s inevitable. But the downside is that raising money for middle-ranging independent films has got incredibly hard. That’s the real shame.

Well if the money is really drying up for smaller films, that is a bit of a shame but as Irons said, a good script is a good script. I feel people are generally too dismissive of big budget films and too eager to laud smaller films just because they are smaller. Let’s hope Batman v Superman actually has a good script that will show up on screens next March.

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