Is Marvel Talking To Beyoncé About A Movie Role?


When you blog about comic books and super heroes, there are some rumors and reports you see and just say thank you to no one in particular. The possibility that Marvel is talking to Beyoncé is one of those.

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Truthfully, the thanks goes to the UK tabloid the Daily Star, which felt confident enough to run a story with the headline “EXCLUSIVE: Beyoncé poised to launch movie career – as comic book superhero.” Of course the mega-famous singer has already appeared in several movies, so she wouldn’t exactly be launching a film career, but that’s kind of nitpicking.

As Marvel continues to diversify its comic books and movies, it’s a rumor that would make perfect sense for both sides. Beyoncé is a big name, one who could help attract the general public to one of the company’s more obscure characters. And even she could benefit from the kind of exposure that comes from a role with the hottest movie studio around, especially if she’d like to do more acting than singing going forward.

Before we get too excited, though, Comic Book Resources is on hand to shoot holes in the Daily Star’s story. Most notably, it mentions four heroes Beyoncé  might play, and two of them aren’t even characters to which Marvel owns the movie rights: Boom Boom and Blink, mutant heroes who belong to Fox.

I will echo CBR’s sentiments that I could definitely see Beyoncé playing Tigra; something about her personality just seems like it would be a great fit for the feline Avenger. She’d also make a dynamite Monica Rambeau, one of Marvel’s most underrated super heroes whether she’s calling herself Photon, Spectrum or something else.

So even though this seems like a pie in the sky rumor right now, I wouldn’t be upset if it turned out to be true. We’ll just need sources a little better than the Daily Star before it’s time to get truly excited.

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