The Costumes Of Gotham


One of Gotham’s best features is the look of the show, and while we’ve already talked about what goes into the look of the city of Gotham, just as important is how everybody dresses. With that in mind, Variety talked to Gotham costume designer Lisa Padovani about how she came up the look for all of Gotham’s colorful cast.

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Citing influences such as Blade Runner, Padovani mixed styles from various eras, which she feels allows a large audience to feel connected to to the show. For example, Selina Kyle’s style is a mix of both steampunk and rock n’ roll elements.

For Oswald Cobblepot aka the Penguin, his suits were all built from scratch:

"He has a unique style, so it wasn’t realistic to go out and buy multiple suits. When you build the suits, you have complete control over fit and material. I hate being a hostage to what you find in the store."

As for any changes for season 2 of Gotham, Padovani said she was careful with publicity shots because “The show is transitioning, and characters aren’t in the same spot we left them. We don’t know where they’ll go, so we didn’t do anything too extreme.”

Will any of Gotham’s cast be sporting an all-new look? We’ll find out when season two of Gotham starts this Fall on Fox!

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