Is Batman Going To Direct The Next Batman Movie?


Ben Affleck as Batman was a rather controversial choice given his acting track record has been rather mixed. And we know there’s a Batman solo movie due out in a few years. Sometimes equally important to casting an iconic role is picking the right director to helm the film. Rumor has it the Warner Bros thinks the best man for the job of directing Batman is well, Batman.

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Latino Review is reporting that Ben Affleck is directing the next Batman film. For those who haven’t really followed Ben Affleck’s caree (i.e. the same people who thought who shouldn’t be Batman because they haven’t watched any of his work since Jersey Girl), this might seem like a bad idea, but Affleck’s career redemption in Hollywood came about after that film, primarily as a director. Affleck has several highly acclaimed directing efforts under his belt including best picture winner in both the Oscars & Golden Globes Argo.

So anybody who thinks Affleck is a questionable choice just hasn’t been paying attention, and as long as he knows and respects the material (and given that he’s playing the Caped Crusader for the next decade or so, he’d better), he’ll due a fantastic job. This is rumor, so take it as such, but seems highly logical. If this is true, expect it to be officially announced at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, where DC will have a huge presence to promote their upcoming slate of comic book films.

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