Clips From Batkid Begins!


Batkid Begins opens in select theaters this weekend. In case you haven’t really been following the coverage, Batkid Begins is the story of how nearly the entire city of San Francisco pulled together to grant a Make-A-Wish to a child who wanted to be Batman for a day. They got thousands of volunteers including city officials to help out.

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We’ve got a bunch of clips from Batkid Begins to give you an idea of the documentary. Batkid Begins opens in select theaters in New York, San Francisco & Los Angeles this weekend. You can check out where it will be playing right here on the official Batkid Begins website. Sadly that is nowhere near us, so we will not be able to check it out, but if you are able to make it to a theatre where it is playing, check it out. In the meantime, enjoy these inspiriong clips below:

Batkids Begins is also set to become a feature film produced by Julia Roberts. We’ll continue to bring updates to you on that movie as they become available.


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