Maybe A Fantastic Four/X-Men Crossover Movie Could Happen After All


It wasn’t that long ago that Simon Kinberg was insisting that despite Fox owning the movie rights to both the Fantastic Four and X-Men franchises, the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot wouldn’t share a universe with the X-Men movies. His reasoning made sense at the time, because there had never been any mention of other super-powered beings in any of the movies starring Marvel’s mighty mutants.

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But to mangle the words of the great American songwriter Bob Dylan, the times, they might be a-changin’. Latino Review thinks so anyway, flagging the untitled X-Men flick in 2018 as a possible crossover with the FF. The emphasis there is on the word “possible,” since LR’s writer feels a lot would have to go right for it to happen. There’s also the question of the continuing pressure that Marvel could apply if it chooses to keep turning up the heat in its efforts to get the brands back under its umbrella.

We’ve commented before that not everything has to be a shared universe, but the beauty of the set-up for the new Fantastic Four movie is that it wouldn’t be necessary. The team’s new origin involves traveling to an alternate universe, so that’s an easy solution. Keep the X-Men on their own Earth, except for when the plot of the crossover would dictate otherwise. Simple and quite possibly effective.

We’re getting way ahead of ourselves even speculating about it, but 2018 will get here faster than you think. Even the smallest possibility that an X-Men crossover with the Fantastic Four could happen on film is a very intriguing possibility, and a big change in the way Fox was talking not that long ago.

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