Agents Of Shield Season 3: Secret Warriors Confirmed


Is something really a secret if everyone knows about it? Marvel is putting that concept to the test by revealing that Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD will feature “new friends and foes inspired by the critically acclaimed SECRET WARRIORS comic series.” That series starred Nick Fury leading a team of super-powered operatives to battle threats too daunting for regular SHIELD agents, with its existence unknown to the rest of the organization.

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Sounds like the team that Phil Coulson asked Skye to gather for him could be the Secret Warriors of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, since it’s unlikely Samuel L. Jackson is going to show up to head it up himself (though if he wanted to, we certainly wouldn’t say no!). So the guess here is that they will report to him, but Skye will be their field leader, which also loops back to the comics since Daisy Johnson was indeed on the team there.

In any case, Marvel is going to be promoting the Secret Warriors theme heavily at Comic-Con in just a few weeks, with staffers searching the SDCC floor for the most hardcore Agents of SHIELD fans and giving them limited edition Secret Warriors pins. Recipients might even end up getting their 15 minutes of social media fame out of it since they might end up getting their pictures posted on the official @AgentsOfSHIELD account.

There’s no telling when we might see the covert team in action on TV — or if Coulson willl tell the rest of his squad about them, which might be a good idea given the trust issues that permeated Season 2 — but we can tell you that Season 3 of Agents of SHIELD will get its start on Tuesday, September 29 in its usual time slot of 9 pm on ABC.


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