The Flash: Season 2 Premiere Title Revealed


We might have to wait until October for The Flash to zip across our TV screens again, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss the tidbits thrown our way in the meantime. got the scoop on a piece of information that can definitely spark some discussion, and better yet, it comes in visual form. Seen below is the script for The Flash episode #201, which is the Season 2 premiere. Check out the title:

Obviously, the producers and writers want us to think that “The Man Who Saved Central City” is our hero, Barry Allen. But considering the nature of the threat we saw him leap into at the end of the Season 1 finale — as well as the creative team’s knack for throwing us curveballs — it’s just as possible it refers to someone else. What if time runs differently outside the black hole and the Flash returns to find that another person found a way to close the hungry singularity while he was away? Maybe it’s the real Harrison Wells, who we can assume is probably alive now that Reverse-Flash never existed.

Barry might also emerge in yet another alternate timeline where he’s already saved the day since that can of worms was cracked way open during the show’s freshman campaign. If we learned anything in the first 23 episodes of the series, it’s that just about anything can happen, and even death can be rewritten (fortunately for Cisco).

It’s going to be an agonizing wait until we see what the Season 2 premiere has in store. If you’ve got a theory in the meantime, hit us off in the comments section below or give us a shout on Twitter.

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