Ant-Man to include Spider-Man and Oscorp references?


Now that we have an actor to play Spider-Man anything can happen. Obviously it’s been confirmed that Tom Holland’s Spider-Man will be making his official debut in Captain America: Civil War, but what if we were to get a glimpse or a teaser of Spider-Man before then?

Latino-Review certainly think there’s a possibility that we’ll be seeing Spider-Man before Civil War, in fact they’re circulating an unconfirmed rumour, as is always the case, that Spider-Man will begin to take shape  in Marvel’s upcoming Ant-Man movie.

"We’ve heard an unconfirmed rumor there is “lots of” talk of/references to Spider-Man (they mention the name WEB SLINGER) and OsCorp in the current version of Ant-Man.Corey Stoll’s villainous businessman Darren Cross is attempting to sell the Ant-Man/Yellowjacket weapons technology to other corporations and organizations. The Ten Rings from Iron Man and Roxxon, a Marvel Comics corporation that has been name-dropped in all 3 Iron Man movies, Agents of SHIELD, Agent Carter, Daredevil and a Marvel One Shot. This scene would be an excellent opportunity to introduce OsCorp into MCU. BUT in the end Hydra is involved in this as well."

As you can see Latino Review are suggesting that Marvel are going to slowly plant the seeds of Spider-Man’s existence in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and begin to slowly build Spider-Man’s world, including Oscorp (could we see Matthew Mcconaughey’s Green Goblin)

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