Fan Made Batman Film is Impressive


No, I’m not talking about a fan made live action film like Batman: Dead End. Nor am I talking about a fan made trailer for Batman v Superman that uses existing footage. This is an animated short that does things the old fashioned way…stop motion!

This comes from animator counter656 and goes far beyond just Batman and the Joker.

Batman VS Joker Stop motion 蝙蝠俠VS小丑

Yep, time, patience and devotion are the only way things like this get made. That and S.H. Figuarts toys.

From their Facebook page:

"SH Figuarts “character represented by the pursuit of the moving human form,” the new standard figure series from Bandai condensed moving figures on the theme of technology “SHFiguarts (S-CH Figuarts).” “SH” Simple Style of the name indicates (IV) Heroic action and the (dynamic) model is about 14cm and moving concept of “feeling a little treasure” to awaken."

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