Batman V Superman: New Photo Shows Batman, Wonder Woman Getting Close


In the comics, it’s Superman who’s been in a relationship with Wonder Woman, albeit one that seems to have run its course. But in other places, fans who ship Batman and Wonder Woman have occasionally seen their wishes come true (most notably in the Justice League Unlimited animated series), which is why the picture above, from the Comic-Con preview issue of Entertainment Weekly, is so intriguing.

(Disclosure: Entertainment Weekly is a Time Inc. company, as is FanSided, the parent network of this site.)

As you can see, it shows Bruce Wayne and Diana Prince getting up close and personal while not in costume — at some kind of charity event, perhaps? It certainly doesn’t guarantee any kind of romantic relationship, but there’s something on the looks of Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot there that just feels like something could be generating sparks.

The other EW photo that is generating some buzz is one that shows Jesse Eisenberg as Lex Luthor with long, flowing locks of hair. That’s about as far removed from his iconic comic book look as possible, so does it mean a flashback or just a wig for the arch-foe of Superman — especially since we’ve seen him bald in previous Batman v Superman images?

Maybe we’ll learn a little bit more at SDCC, since all three actors in these images are slated to participate in the Warner Bros. Hall H panel on Saturday, July 11. And if you want to pick up the EW issue to see more, including an interview with Gadot, look for the cover below.

(via Entertainment Weekly by way of Comic Book Resources)

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