Ant-Man: New TV Spot Shows Scott Lang At His Day Job


If you know anything about the man at the heart of Ant-Man, Scott Lang, you already understand that he’s like the anti-Tony Stark. He’s about as far away from being a billionaire as you can get, and he doesn’t have time to be a playboy even if he wanted to be since the breaks are constantly going against him. Some of that is his own fault, granted, thanks to his life as a thief, but he has his reasons for that.

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And as we see in the latest TV spot for Ant-Man, Scott Lang has a day job before Hank Pym reaches out to him. I don’t want to spoil what it is, because Paul Rudd’s expression during the scene that reveals it speaks for itself. Except for the few folks lucky enough to never have to work an unskilled job in their lives, we’ve all been there.

The remainder of the 30-second ad is mostly footage we’ve seen before, including the scene of Hope van Dyne teaching Scott how to punch in the most direct way possible. There is a short bit at the end I enjoyed, with Scott as Ant-Man trying to follow Hank’s advice without total success.

One thing you can’t accuse Marvel of is sitting back with a character that mainstream audiences might not know much about, as CBR Trailers refers to this as “Ant-Man TV Spot #33.” If you’ve been watching anything on television the last few weeks, you’ve seen something for this film. Guaranteed.

We might be close to the end of them though, as Ant-Man makes it into theaters on July 17.

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