Ben Affleck Compares Marvel & DC Films


With DC’s slate of movies finally starting to seem like a thing that’s going to be in font of our eyeballs very soon, there’s of course been a lot of talk of how they will compare to Marvel’s movie universe. We can argue to ends of the earth over which approach is better, but we know the DC universe presented in these movies is a much more serious place than you’ve seen in stuff like Age of Ultron, even though bad things happen and things are often in a state of grave peril.

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In the new Entertainment Weekly issue featuring Batman, Superman & Wonder Woman on the cover, Batman himself, Ben Affleck talked about how DC will be different from Marvel:

"It is more mythic, it is more grand in that way, and it is a little more realistic. Just by their nature, these films can’t be as funny or as quick or as glib as Marvel movies."

Ben Affleck saying DC movies can’t be as funnyy or glib as Marvel movies is fine, they don’t have to be that. As for them being more “mythic” and therefore “more grand” is kind of silly, these are all movies about characters who are for all intents and purposes mythical figures acting in grand fashion on grand epic adventures. But the part I really have an issue with, and it’s been touted before, is Ben Affleck claiming that DC movies will be more realistic. Why? Because they are grittier? That’s doesn’t make it more realistic. Neither does property damage or more or less human causalities. We are talking about movie universes filled with aliens and magic and impossible things on both ends here, anyone claiming one is more “realistic” than the other just sounds ridiculous.


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