Top 10 Underrated American Patriotic Super Heroes

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8. Super-Patriot

Anyone can be a patriot, but can you be a Super-Patriot?

Thanks to a strength augmentation process provided by the Power Broker, John Walker could. Though sponsored by corporate America and not the government — perhaps proving that his creator, the late Mark Gruenwald, was ahead of his time — Walker decided he would openly campaign to replace Captain America as the super heroic symbol of the country. He was bigger and stronger (something Steve Rogers found out the hard way) and carried a cool flaming sword/torch thing.

Most comics fans know what happened after that: Walker was chosen to replace Rogers as Captain America and didn’t quite prove up to the challenge. He even ended up questioning whether he was really doing the right thing in much the same way as his predecessor, who ended up regaining the Captain America identity, but not before Walker saw his parents killed, went on a bit of a killing spree and had to fight former friends now unfortunately renamed Right-Winger and Left-Winger.

Walker found more of a proper niche as US Agent, though even that carried its fair share of tragedy since it ended up costing him an arm and a leg. This guy’s been through a lot, enough to excuse him for being a bit of a jerk when he first started out. That high flattop that he had sticking out of his mask as Super-Patriot, though? There’s no excuse for that!

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