Top 10 Underrated American Patriotic Super Heroes

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7. Lady Liberty

Here’s someone who just shouts American patriotism: a female hero dressed like the Statue of Liberty!

DC dipped into the stereotype well for this one too. A member of the original Force of July, Lady Liberty spoke with a French accent, because, you know, we got the Statue from the French. She had the latent psychic ability to fire energy beams, but only if they were focused through a torch that she carried. Nothing like making the gimmick all the way complete.

Like Major Victory, with whom she seemed to have a romantic relationship, Lady Liberty wasn’t always on the side of righteousness. The one time she was, she ended up giving her life in order to prevent a massive attack by Kobra, and she died without DC ever revealing her true identity.

So farewell mysterious French lady. Even if you weren’t American, you sacrificed yourself for the good of the fictional U.S. There have been other women to take up the mantle of Lady Liberty since you, but you’ll always have a place in our hearts as an underrated if somewhat goofy patriotic hero.

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