Composing Batman Nearly Gave Danny Elfman A Nervous Breakdown


Legendary Hollywood composer Danny Elfman has a resume well over a mile long Tons of movies, TV shows and even a few video games owe their memorable soundtracks to Danny Elfman such as Nightmare Before Christmas, The Fable series and even the recent Avengers: Age of Ultron. With career dating back to the late 70s, you’d think every job has been a cakewalk for him for awhile, composing so many memorable scores. But there is at least one movie that nearly broke Danny Elfman.

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That movie was 1989’s Batman, directed by Tim Burton, who Danny Elfman is a very frequent collaborator with. It as apparently because besides Tim Burton, no one seemed to want Elfman there:

"“Batman” was very stressful — almost nervous-breakdown stressful. All I had done up to then was quirky comedies. Nobody but Tim wanted me on the movie. I really had to prove myself. There was a desire to have me collaborate with Prince [who wrote additional music for the film], but I was not open to that."

Danny Elfman was already an incredibly acclaimed composer well before Batman, it’s hard to imagine everyone being so against him as Burton’s choice. Just another example of executives having no clue.

h/t New York Post

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