Batman Villainess Poison Ivy Getting Her Own Miniseries


DC has announced a ton of new series coming in October, including a miniseries starring Batman enemy/sometimes Harley Quinn girlfriend Poison Ivy.

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Titled Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life and Death, the mini-series, by writer Amy Chu, promises to take the character in a whole new direction and that it will be a “fun twist on her character and where she is going to go”.

Chu is a big fan of Posion Ivy as well stating:

"{She’s] a fascinatingly complicated character with an incredible fan base. We know her, but we don’t really know her. There’s so much opportunity to build her world without the burden of continuity. And let’s face it, writing villains is more fun."

So look for Poison Ivy: Cycle of Life to reveal a whole new side to one of Batman’s greatest enemies this October.

h/t Bleeding Cool

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