Comic Con 2015: Alex Ross Has A New Batman Print


Alex Ross is a legendary artist, doing a large number of interior work & cover art for both DC & Marvel, as well as art for music, movies and TV. One of his most well-known works among comic book fans is “Tango With Evil” featuring The Joker and Harley Quinn. Alex Ross will be a promoting a “sequel” piece of sorts of this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

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Alex Ross’ “Tango With Evil” features the Joker and Harley Quinn in a very tango-esque pose. It’s considered a pretty iconic image. The “sequel”, as Alex Ross is calling it, is titled “Mind If I Cut In?”, features Batman interrupting the aforementioned tango in a rathe violent manner. You can see the “Mind If I Cut In?” in the featured image and here’s “Tango With Evil” for comparison:

Alex Ross will be showing off both works at this year’s San Diego Comic Con at booth #2419. So if you are attending the con, be sure to stop by and check them out!


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