Comic-Con 2015: Colonel Sanders Comics And Cosplay? Yep


If it wasn’t for the Burger King joining Floyd Mayweather for his ring walk and sitting with Bob Baffert at the Belmont Stakes, you’d have to say that Colonel Sanders has had the best year of any fast food mascot. KFC has not only revived its founder as a spokesperson thanks to Darrell Hammond, he’s also coming to Comic-Con 2015 to appear in comics and show off his cosplay skills.

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Yes, you read that correctly. There really is a Colonel Sanders comic book, and while it currently exists only in online form, KFC is bringing hard copies of it to SDCC this week. Why should you care? First of all, there’s the pure curiosity factor about anything titled KFC Presents: The Colonel’s Adventure Comics. Also, the physical copies are getting poly-bagged with “the Colonel’s iconic black ribbon tie” (sure to be a hit at Comic-Con nightlife, I assume), and some copies will also include “highly coveted collector’s edition comics.” Admit it: you’re intrigued now. Look for folks from KFC handing them out around the Gaslamp Quarter all day on Friday, July 10.

Speaking of the Gaslamp district, that’s also where you’ll be able to find the Cosplay Colonels. As the name suggests, those feature the Colonel dressed in a variety of cosplay looks, including a vampire, a martian and a furry. Also, Anime Colonel! What you can’t tell from the name is that the Cosplay Colonels are life-sized, wifi-enabled statues. Why do they need wifi? Because if you connect to them and post a picture of yourself with a Cosplay Colonel, you might win a Robot Chicken t-shirt.

What’s that? A map? Believe it or not, we can do that.

That brings us to the last part of this promotion, which is a partnership with the people behind Robot Chicken, Stoopid Buddy Stoodios. With their help, Colonel Sanders will appear in three different 60-second spots that feature him in a space adventure with the robot chicken. While this sure to be epic saga will play out over the rest of the summer, the first episode will premiere at the Adult Swim on the Green event on Thursday, July 9 before appearing on Adult Swim later that night.

So yeah, that’s a busy schedule for Colonel Sanders, but he seems to have been revitalized enough to handle it.

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