See Batman Name All His Fighting Moves


Pro wrestlers love to come up with names for their offensive moves. Some do it more than others, resulting in even the most common maneuvers getting grandiose titles (former ECW grappler Danny Doring, I’m looking at you). Batman is apparently no different when he fights crime, as you can see in the video below.

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Cooked up by the folks at Corrdor Digital, “Batman Surprise” shows once again that even when you think you have the Caped Crusader in a tight spot, he’s got moves you can’t even imagine. Not only does Batman operate outside the law, but he apparently can ignore the laws of physics as well.

While the video is intentionally silly, the parts played straight also draw a chuckle or two, as the guy playing Batman here does a pretty spot-on imitation of Christian Bale’s voice when suited up in The Dark Knight trilogy. That just makes it all the more embarrassing if he’s forced to make you take yourself out with a “User Backhand.”

And if you take anything from this short, it’s that sneaking up on Batman, especially with a video camera, just isn’t a good idea. He’s got tons of different backhands he can use to make you regret it. So … many … backhands!

In fact, you’re probably better off just trying to fight him straight up from the front. Just saying.

(via Geeks Are Sexy by way of CBR’s Robot 6)

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