Batman’s Newest Vehicle Is The Bat-Truck!


Well we have a new Batman, and also a new Batmobile, it seems. But this new Batmobile is actually more like a giant bat-truck!

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In case you aren’t in the loop, Bruce Wayne is dead (for now anyways), but Gotham (and the world) still needs a Batman, so now James Gordon has stepped into the role. Along with a new mechanized batsuit that frankly looks a robotic bunny, in the upoming issue #42 of Batman, he gets a new Batmobile, but it’s so big, it’s really more of a Bat-Truck. This Bat-Truck serves as more of a mobile command center for Batman. Gordon can remote control it from his suit. This bat-truck may have not fit Batman so well, as he was more of a loner, but Gordon has a team and a mobile command unit is far more appropriate for somebody with a long history of police service such as Gordon. Check out the new Batmobile in issue #42 of Batman which goes on sale tomorrow!

h/t Nerdist

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