Did Bane Hack The New York Stock Exchange?


Today trading on the New York Stock Exchange was halted for nearly four hours. The trouble was attributed to a random glitch, but the Internet knows the real truth. It was Bane.

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In The Dark Knight Rises, Bane takes over the Gotham Stock Exchange, bankrupting Bruce Wayne in the process. So, when the New York Stock Exchange went down for several hours today, one name came to mind….

No word on if any tortured billionaires suddenly had their fortunes pulled out from under them, though. The Department of Homeland Security claimed there was no evidence of any hacking or malicious activity. But of course they would… Anyways, trading as of now has resumed with no sign of Bane or any other Batman villains so far. We’ll keep you updated if the NYSE suddenly has to solve any weird Riddles or has a wall of ice surrounding it or something.

h/t NY Daily News

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