Comic-Con 2015: Bam Smack Pow’s 8 Biggest Hall H Wishes

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Noon of Justice

(Write-up by Steve Lam, Bam Smack Pow Staff Writer)

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Why noon? Well, noon is when the sun is the highest and brightest. Forget about dawn. Forget about first light. I want WB/DC to bathe me in glorious rays of their most iconic superheroes — Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, The Flash, and Cyborg. I don’t care if they’re not ready, I want to see clips of action and heroism. I want earth shattering fight scenes that will rock fans to their core.

For months, we got teases of scenes and still images. We then had an IMAX teaser trailer event — which wasn’t even dampened when a bootlegged copy of the teaser appeared online early — that gave us more questions than answers. Nonetheless, it was still pretty awesome. But we want more. Fans have only seen Superman and Batman in separate scenes, sans the attached clip that was part of the IMAX trailer event where the two face off briefly.

Not only do we want to see Superman actually fighting Batman, but we want to see Wonder Woman get in on the action as well. Director Zack Snyder and actress Gal Gadot have stated that their version of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman will have godly strength and can leap so high that it would appear she was actually flying. Show us a Wonder Woman that will match feats with the Man of Steel.

We know that Aquaman and The Flash only have very brief cameos in the film. However, it would be nice to see a glimpse or two of the both of them in action. At least show us Ezra Miller in the iconic scarlet uniform.

Let’s also not forget about the villains. We saw still shots of Lex Luthor bald and with long hair (presumably it was a wig seeing how strange it looked). We now want to see Luthor facing off with Superman. Show us a Luthor who’s threatening. Give us one who will make the version seen in the DC animated universe and Smallville look like softies (and those two versions are already pretty threatening). There has to be a reason as to why Jesse Eisenberg purposely confirmed his attendance.

Finally, all the fans know that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is basically Justice League-lite. That’s why Snyder and company should just show us a group shot of all the heroes together. Last year, one of the photographers claimed to have done something amazing, but remained secret about it. This could be it, and we should see that revelation this year.

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