Comic-Con 2015: Bam Smack Pow’s 8 Biggest Hall H Wishes

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Marvel and Fox Bury the Hatchet

(Write-up by Nick Tylwalk, Bam Smack Pow Editor-in-Chief)

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We’ve all heard about how different Marvel’s relationship is with Fox than the one it has with Sony. Two studios might have been able to come together to share Spider-Man, but too many bridges have been burned for that ever to happen with the X-Men or Fantastic Four, right?

Yeah, probably. But Steve Lam swung for the fences with his final Hall H wish, dreaming about a Martian Manhunter solo flick. I’m going even bigger (and less likely) here.

Marvel Studios doesn’t have a Hall H panel at Comic-Con 2015 this year, but Fox does. Those folks have plenty of movies to show; even if we just stick with super hero pictures, there’s both Deadpool and X-Men: Apocalypse to promote.

The thing is, Apocalypse is said to be the final film in its trilogy, and even though Fox has brought on younger actors to play some fan favorite mutants, they need something to do next. Like, say, a crossover with the Avengers?

If this was announced, it would help Marvel take the spotlight it seems to have ceded to its main competiton in one fell swoop. I don’t see how a Marvel/Fox deal could ever be kept quiet in this day and age, but it would absolutely steal the show, and right before Warner Bros. TV would take the stage on Saturday night.

Wishes don’t have to be practical, and this one certainly isn’t, but if it came true, it’d make all that camping out in line for a spot in Hall H worth it. At least it would to me.

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