Everything we know about All-New, All Different’s Amazing Spider-Man


When Marvel announced Miles Morales’ Spider-Man as part of their All-New, All Different range many people were upset that it appeared that Miles Morales was replacing Peter Parker as the 616 (or whatever it is we end up with) universe’s Spider-Man.

So let me be the first to say that with the announcement of Amazing Spider-Man can we all please calm down. It was obvious that Peter Parker would be back after Secret Wars, despite many people thinking that Spider-Man would be nothing more than a ‘red-shirt’ in the event.

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So let’s take a look at the cover of #1 and discuss what we know so far!


So, the tag-line reads ‘Your friendly neighbourhood just got bigger’ which could be refering to the growing number of Spider-People that are currently running around following the Spider-Verse event, or it could be suggesting that Peter Parker is going to operate with a slightly larger status.

Why do I say that? Well, he’s got a flashy new suit design complete with glowing eyes and Spider-Symbol, plus there’s webbing in the arm-pits again! He’s got a Spider-Mobile, and in the top corner he’s wearing a flashy suit and has a girl on each arm. My guess is that Peter becomes wealthier and operates in a manner similar to Bruce Wayne – a wealthy playboy superhero.

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Where does he get the money from? Well, in the background is a building with two letters in circles as the logo, I first thought that it was a ‘P’ and an ‘L’ but on second-thoughts it appears to be a ‘P’ and an ‘I’ which of course would stand for Parker Industries. So, I think it’s safe to say that Peter rebuilds Parker Industries and uses the company to build cool new tech like glowing eyes and Spider-Mobiles!

The image of Peter with two women seems to also suggest that the Peter Parker we’re currently seeing in Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows either doesn’t make it, or has a serious change of heart about the whole settling down with a family thing, as it would appear he’s single which means to Carlie Cooper, no Mary Jane and no Anna Maria,

The series sees Dan Slott returning as writer which will disappoint some given Slott’s current characterisation of Peter Parker as a man-child who can’t solve his own problems and appears incompetent, but Slott does try and take narrative risks and I thoroughly enjoyed most of the Spider-Verse! Gieuseppe Camuncoli and Alex Ross are providing the artwork which is great news as I think Camuncoli smashed it during the Spider-Verse event.

So that’s everything we know about Amazing Spider-Man so far, if we’ve missed anything or you’ve picked out another detail from the cover let us know!

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