Everything we know about All-New, All-Different’s Spider-Man 2099


Spider-Man 2099 was brought back as a solo title following the character’s appearance in Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man series, and had a relatively short, but popular, run under Peter David and Will Sliney before it had to make way for Secret Wars 2099.

Many people feared that we wouldn’t see Miguel O’Hara’s futuristic Spider-Man again after Secret Wars was over, and  I was one of them. However, much to my surprise, we are getting a new Spider-Man 2099 title after Secret Wars and he’s the front cover!

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The first thing to note is that the creative team of Peter David, Spider-Man 2099’s co-creator, and Will Sliney are back behind the steering wheel. This is great news because when the 12 issue run we just had was free from ‘event interference’ they were really doing a stellar job. Sliney’s art in particular is a stand-out from the last 12 months of Spider-Man comics.

Moving on to what we can decipher from the front cover. It would appear that Miguel’s ‘Spider-Man out of time’ storyline is over as the tagline suggests ‘Smack to the future’ and the image on the cover appears to be from the 2099 universe. This is a real shame as I felt that there was so much storyline that trapped in the present-day Miguel hadn’t resolved yet.

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But nevertheless Miguel seems to be back to the future, which is probably a good thing with around 12 different Spider-Men and Women running around New York in the present day, and we can see the looming organisation of Alchemax towering behind him and various hovering vehicles floating around. So, obviously Alchemax is still a big part of Miguel’s storyline, which means we can expect more of Spider-Man wrestling with the evil-doings of his own family members

Spidey 2099 also has a pretty slick new costume change, moving away from the red and blue and getting a more distinct, more futuristic looking red, blue and silver looking suit with neon trim. I guess this is in an effort to distance Miguel even further from the growing list of Spider-Characters.

Miguel is surrounded by lightning in the cover which could be referring to something specific, but I’m going to assume it’s just a visual representation of him time-travelling back to 2099. But possibly it’s a reference to a electrical based villain like Electro? Who knows.

Is there anything about the new Spider-Man 2099 book that we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments

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