Everything we know about All-New, All-Different’s Spider-Woman


Jessica Drew’s fate as a character was also seemingly in the balance thanks to Secret Wars abruptly ending her solo-title before it was really getting going. But fear not fans of controversy, Jessica and her troublesome behind will be back with Hopeless continuing to write , although looking a little different.

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Yes, Jessica Drew’s All-New, All-Different transformation is to get pregnant! Which means one of two things, she’ll either be a mother raising a child, whilst trying to be a superhero, or she’ll actually be fighting bad-guys whilst pregnant. However the tag-line ‘Parent by day. Hero by night.’ suggests it’ll be the former over the latter.

The ‘Hero by night’ section also suggests that Jessica might be returning to the Avengers/fighting crime rather than solving mysteries as she currently is in her solo comic. The cover doesn’t really give anything else away other than to show us that Jessica is still rocking the cool new costume. I guess her being pregnant/a parent is enough of a bombshell that we really don’t need anything else.

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The question is though, who will the father be? Well, we know from her pre-Secret Wars comic run that she was running around with Ben Ulrich solving mysteries, and that C-list villain Porcupine also joined in. Could either of those two by the dad to Jessica’s baby? Also because it’s just Jess in the picture can we assume that she’ll be a single mum?

Secondly, will the new baby be a new superhero in the making? Will it inherit Jessica’s Spider-Woman powers? We’ll have to wait to find out!

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