Everything we know about All-New, All-Different’s Web Warriors


One of the Spider-Man related Secret Wars spin-offs is currently centered around a rag-tag bunch of Spider-Men and Spider-Woman who first came together during the Spider-Verse storyline event teaming up. It looks like the team will be staying together after the event, but they’ll be getting a new name!

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Firstly, one of the things I was hoping for, coming out of Dan Slott’s Spider-Verse, was an all-Spider-People version of the Avengers and that’s exactly what this comic appears to be, which is great! However the use of the Disney XD title ‘Web Warriors’ is a bit naff!

So, as you can see it’s the current Spider-Verse team of Spider-Gwen, Anya Corazon, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Man India, Spider-UK and Spider-Ham. Whilst this is great I’m a little disappointed that other popular Spider-Man characters from the Spider-Verse like Spider-Punk and Supaidaman aren’t getting involved as well, although hopefully we’ll get some cameos going forward!

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Around the team are several pages of newspaper, two of which are readable and one has 1602’s Peter Parquargh’s Spidey on it. The papers seem to be from different times, and the headlines state ‘Spider-Man vanishes’ and ‘Where’s Spider-Man?’ which suggests that the team are operating in different areas that used to have a Spider-Man but now don’t.

This would seem to fit with when we last saw Spider-Uk and Anya Corazon deciding to use the Master Weaver and the Great Web to travel to universes that had lost their Spider-Man and protect them in his or her place. Hence the tag-line ‘defending the Spider-Verse’.

Now, the reuse of the term ‘Spider-Verse’ suggets that despite the Secret Wars soft-reboot there are still multiple universes out there and the ‘Web Warriors’ are dimension hopping around. Could it also mean that those dreaded Inheritors, Morlun and Co might return as they were the central villains of the Spider-Verse?

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