SDCC 2015: Batman Teams Up With The Ninja Turtles This November!


One thing you have to love about comics is you often see crossovers that could never exist anywhere else. The crew of the starship enterprise will meet the X-Men or the Punisher will interact with Archie & his friends. Even though they are major competitors, you’ll even see a DC & Marvel crossover from time to time. Now two of my favorite things that I never thought I’d see together are happening as Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are crossing over in comics this November!

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The storyline of the Batman/Ninja Turtles is simple enough. Krang tries to get rid of the Ninja Turtles & Shredder by dumping them in an alternate dimension. This dimension just happens to be Gotham. One wonders if four humanoid turtles and a ninja would even stand out in somewhere as crazy as Gotham, but Batman is of course aware of everything is his city so he’ll check it out.

Will Shredder team up with one of Batman’s foes? Most likely. Will Donatello want to fool around with the Bat-computer? Almost definitely. Not too many other details are known, but this is definitely something I’ll want to pick up. Once again, the Batman/Ninja Turtles crossover comic starts this November!

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