SDCC 2015: Killing Joke Animated Movie Coming


The Killing Joke is considered one of the best Batman (well, really Joker, because it’s mostly about him) of all time, and now it’s finally getting a movie adaptation!

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The Killing Joke is getting an animated movie adaptation in 2016. This comes straight out of the mouth of DC animation legend Bruce Timm during the Justice League: Gods & Monsters panel. Killing Joke is considered pretty much the canon Joker origin story (although it’s since been made canon that Joker lies so much and is so messed up he has no idea what his origin is really). It’s admittedly also a pretty brutal tale, featuring the shooting/paralyzing of Barbara Gordon among other things. It’ll be interesting to see how much of the Killing Joke they put on screen, as while DC hasn’t been afraid to go a little more adult-oriented with their animated fare, The Killing Joke would by far be the darkest tale from the comics I could think of being brought to animated movie form.

No other real news regarding the killing Joke movie has been announced, but Mark Hamill, who was the defining voice of the animated Joker for decades tweeted that he’d come back for The Killing Joke, but that was in 2011, hopefully he still feels that way as nobody does the Joker like Mark Hamill.

Speculation arose that Harley Quinn may be added to the animated version of the Killing Joke after Bruce Timm said he was working with Tara Strong (who has voiced Harley Quinn many times) on an animated feature, but he wouldn’t say which one. The Killing Joke was long before Harley Quinn was created, but it probably wouldn’t be that hard to add her in. Another Batman animated film, Batman: Bad Blood was also announced for 2016, but no other details were offered. Stay tuned to Caped Crusades all weekend long for the latest Batman news from San Diego Comic Con.


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