SDCC 2015: Several new Batman & Robin Comics Coming


While these days San Diego Comic Con is the place to show off your new geeky movies & TV shows, it’s also still at heart a comic book convention, and so lots of actual comic book related news still happens. Case in point, DC has announced several new titles that Batman & Robin (at least some incarnation of Robin) are involved in in some form.

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First up is Batman & Robin Eternal, which is actually a follow up to Batman Eternal. This is part of the 75th anniversary of Robin and is a 26 issue series set to launch October 7th. A big part of Batman & Robin Eternal will be the return of former Batgirl Cassandra Cain. No specifics were given except that Cain would be a very big part of Batman & Robin Eternal.

The second title announced is Robin War. Robin War will be a five-week crossover with Gotham Academy, We Are Robin and Robin: Son of Batman and also feature two bookend one-shot specials. No story details were given of Robin War, but hey, it looks like a bunch of people at least somewhat dressed like Robin ready to go to war. Is it for Robin or against him? We’ll find out when Robin War comes out this December.

Justice League: Gods & Men (not to be confused with Justice League: Gods & Monsters) is a series of one shots connected to the Darkseid War arc. Though not focused on Batman, his new role as a new god comes into play:

"Batman – Armed with the godlike power of the Mobius Chair, the Dark Knight has taken on the role of Metreon and plans to use the infinite knowledge of this device to turn Gotham City into a completely crime-free zone!"


Finally, Titans Hunt will take place in alternate universe. One where a precog named Lilith has visions of a different Titans the world doesn’t know of. She feels compelled to seek out Dick Grayson and other Titans and warn them of impending danger (you know, besides the impending danger superheroes are always in). Titans Hunt will be available starting October 21st.

San Diego Comic is going on right now! Be sure to stay tuned to Caped Crusades for all the latest Batman & Robin news form the show!


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