Comic-Con 2015: Hawkman Coming To Legends Of Tomorrow


Ciara Renee won’t be playing the only winged warrior on DC’s Legends of Tomorrow.

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Geoff Johns told IGN during Comic-Con this week that Hawkman will appear on the upcoming show, though he didn’t provide any more details than that — including which version of Hawkman it would be, which is an important consideration for a character whose history is among the most convoluted in all of super hero comics.

Since Renee’s Hawkgirl is Kendra Saunders, that suggests that the TV Hawkman could be the Carter Hall we saw prior to the New 52 relaunch, which is the one most closely associated with Kendra. There’s also a decent chance it could be the newer Katar Hol, though we haven’t seen aliens yet in the Arrow-verse, so that seems less likely. And it could be one made up especially for the series that draws bits and pieces of various incarnations of the character in much the same way that the writers have created a familiar but new Barry Allen for The Flash.

In any case, the guess here is that Hawkman will be introduced to the show due to his connection to Hawkgirl, particularly if they explore the “reincarnated lovers” theme of Kendra and Carter in the comics. It’s doubtful he’d be a regular member of the team since there are already plenty of characters announced for Legends of Tomorrow that will need camera time, but maybe if there’s a Season 2 …

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is set to debut on The CW sometime during the 2015-16 television season.

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