SDCC 2015: Azrael & Calender Man Are Coming To Gotham


The second season of Gotham is all about the rise of the villains, and Gotham executive producers Bruno Heller and Danny Cannon are talking about about all the new villainous faces we’ll see in Season Two!

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It should be noted that while Jerome, the young man it’s been heavily hinted at is the Joker is a big part of the first few episodes of season two of Gotham, they are still not definitively saying he is actually the Joker.

"Well, he’s in Arkham—if that is in fact the Joker. He’s in Arkham, and Barbara Keane is put in the same wing as his in Arkham, which is for the worst of the worst. And an event happens, which allows him be involved the next few episodes."

So Barbara Keane spends at least a little bit of time in Arkham. And obviously given her current state of mind, Being anywhere near someone like Jerome isn’t going to help matters any.

Heller also gave the dish on new villains for season two, some of which we heard about, but some new names as well:

"We thought so long and hard about this. There’s so many characters that don’t have an origin story, so it’s not just a question of going back to an origin story, but its who fits in this realistic world? They have to have both feet on the ground. So they have to fit in stylistically. But we found the Mr. Freeze story be quite emotional. That’s one we’re going to look at. Hugo Strange is another interesting character we’re going to look at, as is the Calendar Man. And Azrael is another character that we’re starting at very early stage for. Tigress as well."

Most of these we have at least heard about, but I believe this is the first time Calendar Man & Azrael have been mentioned. Again, since Gotham takes place well before any previous Batman history, it will be interesting to see what state we see all these characters in. Gotham season two premiers September 21st on Fox and keep checking back with Caped Crusades for all the latest Batman news from this year’s San Diego Comic Con!


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