SDCC 2015: Jerome Crashes The Gotham Panel


During the Gotham portion of the DC TV mega panel at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, while the cast answered questions from fans and gave what tidbits they could about the upcoming season, a Joker crashed the party…

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Cameron Monaghan, who plays Jerome on Gotham, who has been heavily hinted at as being the future Joker, grabbed the mic out of a fan’s hand and asked “How high is your pain tolerance” before being “dragged away” by security. It’s a fun moment, but I’m sure fans probably would’ve enjoyed it more if Monaghan got to stick around longer than a few seconds. Below is a video of the full Gotham panel, but if you want to skip right to the moment in question, it’s at about the 14:50 mark, nearly at the end of the panel:

Again, while it’s been heavily hinted that Jerome is in fact a young Joker, nobody is officially confirming that yet, in fact usually being careful to stress that maybe he is not Joker, but key to the Joker’s origin. We’ll find out when season two of Gotham starts September 21st on Fox!


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