Could Tom Hanks Have Been Batman?


Tom Hanks is pretty much a national treasure. A highly acclaimed dramatic and comedic actor with multiple awards under his belt, and considered one of the nicest guys in Hollywood. One thing Tom Hanks has not been in is a superhero film. He might be a little old to play a superhero these days but apparently at one point he could’ve been Batman.

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That’s right, Tom Hanks was offered the role of Batman in Batman Forever. He passed and ultimately the role went to Val Kilmer. Could Tom Hanks pull off the cavalier playboy Bruce Wayne and the menacing Dark Knight? Actually he probably would’ve been fine for director Joel Schumacher’s take, as that was Batman at his least menacing.

As we all know, Batman Forever did well enough that we got Batman & Robin, which pretty much killed interest in superhero films for a decade and George Clooney is still apologizing for it to this day despite having a very successful career since. SO Tom Hanks probably dodged one hell of a bullet there. Will we see him in a superhero movie someday? Quite possibly, but I doubt it would be as the main protagonist.

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