Is Batman The Richest Superhero Of Them All?


One thing a lot of superheroes seem to have in common is that they are surprisingly rich. I mean, it makes sense. Being a superhero is a costly gig. You often need lots of money for outfits, plenty of flexible free time that only being independently wealthy would easily offer. Of course there’s having enough money to live comfortably, and there’s being so mega rich you can rebuild the Justice League Watchtower several times over. Surely Batman is one of the wealthiest superheroes, but is he the wealthiest?

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Time ranked the five wealthiest superheroes in terms of net worth, and yes Batman is on that list, but surprisingly, he’s only number 3 at $9.2 billion. Beating Batman by a few billion more is Tony Stark, who if these two ever met face to face, you know he would brag about it constantly. But who’s the richest superhero of them all? That honor belongs to T’Challa aka The Black Panther. And it’s not by any small margin. Thanks to his nation of Wakanda’s stashes of Vibranium, the Black Panther is worth around NINETY TRILLION DOLLARS. He could crush Batman & Iron Man with his massive piles of cash. Sorry ruce Wayne, you might be rich, but you aren’t a trillionaire….

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