See The Final Fantastic Four Trailer Ratchet Up The Action


Regardless of how you feel about the Fantastic Four reboot, you have to admit this: Fox has put together a very impressive trailer campaign for Josh Trank’s film.

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Each new teaser and trailer has given us a little bit more, and the final one, released today, amps up the action while hinting at more story beats as well. Yes, there are some cliches shining through, particularly in the whole government looking to use the FF as weapons and Reed Richards’ “he’s not stronger than all of us” bit. But those are time-honored bits for a reason, and they have every chance to come off as fun and not hokey in the film.

This trailer also provides the best look at Doom, several, in fact, that we’ve had to date. The bit at the beginning is the icing on the cake, with a young Ben Grimm telling his buddy Reed Richards exactly what he thinks about the experiment he’s running that blacks out the neighborhood.

(Not to self: don’t let kids build their own teleporters in the garage.)

I was as skeptical as anyone when this project was first announced, I’m not a Trank fan, and I still think it faces long odds given the lukewarm reception to previous Fantastic Four movies and Marvel’s back-burnering of the team. But thanks to trailers like this, I’m willing to give it a shot, and that’s probably all Fox can ask for at this point.

Watch it and see if you agree. Fantastic Four arrives in theaters on August 7.

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