Comic-Con 2015: Our Favorite Announcements And Reveals From SDCC

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Titans Hunt in the Spotlight

(by Rav Powell, Bam Smack Pow staff writer)

As a lifelong DC fan, more specifically a Titans fan, the announcement of Titans Hunt was a definite highlight. Since the launch of the New 52, the Titans’ corner of the universe has been in complete disarray, from the largely underwhelming Lobdell run to the currently just whelming Pfeifer run. The much debated history of the Titans post-New 52 launch may finally be put to rest or at least more organized.

In the description, the book refers to the “secret history” of the Titans and gives us a glimpse of some of the characters set to appear like Lilith (who will be the catalyst for the story), Mal Duncan, Hawk, Dove and Gnaark. Of course, it begs many lingering questions surrounding the makeup of the original team. There are hints of four of the fab five participating (no Wally) which clearly suggests this reunion will be less than complete. Also, I can’t help but wonder about this series and the announcement we didn’t get: the Titans TV series. When you consider all that we saw from DC on the TV and movie front, the lack of news regarding the possible TNT series does not seem to be a good omen (Lilith joke). Righting the house of Titan, especially given Robin’s (many) links to the once beloved book during the 75th anniversary of the that character, seems like the right thing to do for the diehard fans.

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