The Wookie Warrior Goes Solo In Chewbacca #1


Get it? Solo? Ah, sorry, couldn’t resist. With everyone else from Star Wars seemingly getting their own solo series from Marvel, it seems only right to give the Wookie his due. Thus, Chewbacca #1, on the way in October from writer Gerry Duggan and artist Phil Noto.

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One thing you might point out right away is that Chewie isn’t much of a conversationalist, or at least not one who’s so easily understood. To that, I’d simply point out that Groot currently has his own series and seems to be doing just fine, thank you.

Chewbacca also won’t be along even in his own book, as a “young and feisty co-star” named Zarro will be accompanying him on this particular adventure.

“Zarro’s home is under threat, and when others shrink, she stands tall,” Duggan said in an interview with “At first glance, she sees Chewie as the extra muscle she needs. The brains attached to those muscles will be a surprise for her … and I think how Chewie and Zarro manage to deal with the threat will be a fun surprise for fans. Both Phil and I are so excited to be collaborating on a Star Wars comic. The term ‘dream project’ is probably overused, but there is simply no other way to describe the gig. If fans have half as much fun as we do, then everybody’s in for a fun ride.”

Along the way, the book will delve into what makes Chewie such a fan favorite.

“He’s a hero, plain and simple,” Duggan said. “He’s a giant-sized underdog. He’s faithful, fierce, and can be playful. At the beginning of the story he’s on a very important mission. One he sets aside to help those in need. By the end of this arc we’ll have met the soul of the Wookiee. We’ll understand what he fears, and we’ll know why he picked up his bowcaster. Yes, this story will be an action-packed thriller, but I think it has a very strong Wookiee heart, too.”

Honestly, you had us at bowcaster. Look for Chewbacca #1 at your LCS in October or just follow the Wookie growl.

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