Batman, Superman & The Suicide Squad Together!


Next year, things really get rolling on the DC movie universe with not only Batman v Superman, but Suicide Squad just a few months later. While the two casts both made appearances at this year’s San Diego Comic Con, they didn’t do any joint session or anything. But The Hollywood Reporter managed to photograph them altogether!

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Yes, the possibly legendary and iconic casts of DC’s first two real swings at creating a cohesive connected universe start out next year. Of course, while Batman v Superman & Suicide Squad are huge movies on their own, they are also essentially carrying the hopes of DC movies of the future with them. After all, if one or either both of these movies bomb, it may take down all future DC movies with them (and it even may have an effect on superhero movies in general). Hopefully that won’t happen, both movies will be awesome and we’ll have many years of awesome DC movies to come. It all starts with Batman v Superman on March 25th and then Suicide Squad on August 5th, 2016!

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