Crazy Fan Theory: Is The Joker A Former Robin?


Jared Leto’s Joker in Suicide Squad is a drastic change from any previous Joker we’ve seen. It could be strictly a style choice. But what if it’s not? What if this Joker is not the Joker we are familiar with, but a new Joker? One that is extremely familiar with Batman…

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That’s the latest crazy fan theory going around. I’ve seen it more than one place, but specifically this was put forth by a Reddit user. There are subtle hints that might indicate this. We know this is an older Batman we are seeing, and there’s evidence that Dick Grayson is dead. But what about Jason Todd? Before you laugh it off as nuts, take a look at the evidence.

He has a “J” tattoo that could easily stand for Jason, who he used to be. There’s also evidence in the Batman v Superman trailer. Not only the paper, but also that destroyed suit sure look like something Joker would pull, but would he know Wayne is Batman & where the Batcave is? The biggest evidence may also be again the tattoos. While the Joker of old may not have waited around for hours to get those things, a former protege of Batman who felt abandoned by him when the original Joker beat him with a crowbar and left him for dead may exactly be up for that kind of thing. It may even explain the grill if original Joker knocked Jason Todd’s teeth out.

Of course it’s much more likely that the Joker we are seeing now is just the latest interpretation of the iconic character and Jason Todd isn’t even in this DC movie universe. But it’s just enough to make you wonder…

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