Batman v Superman v Wonder Woman, WHO YA GOT?


The biggest showdown of all time comes to big screens net year with Batman v Superman. But of course Batman & Superman aren’t the only heroes in the film. What if Wonder Woman has to throw down with Batman & Superman? WHo would come out on top?

MTV posited this same question to many of the stars at this year’s Comic Con. Some who are in super hero movies like Ryan Reynolds, some who are even in Batman prequel TV shows like David Mazouz (guess who he picked) and just randomly awesome people like Bill Murray. Check out their answers in the video below:

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We still really don’t know how Wonder Woman figures into Batman v Superman really. I mean in the footage we’ve seen, she doesn’t really interact with either of them. What if she has to play the role of peacekeeper and beats the hell out of both them, then forces them to make up and play nice for the sake of saving the world? That would be pretty cool. Batman v Superman (v Wonder Woman?) opens in theaters March 25th.

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