Seriously, Why Were There Bat-Nipples?


Batman Forever and particularly Batman & Robin were representative of very dark times for comic book fans. Whether you like DC or Marvel’s direction, at least they take the comics seriously and respect them. The Joel Schumacher era of Batman movies was endemic of treating comic books like a joke, and few things are more symbolic of that the infamous “bat-nipples”.

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I mean, seriously, why did we need Bat-Nipples? Things weren’t over the top enough with the garish designs and the Bat-Credit Card? Well Den Of Geek has the answer for us.

It turns out Batman Co-creator and noted liar and asshat Bob Kane wasn’t a fan of the Bat-Nipples either according to Jim Carrey, who played the Riddler in Batman Forever (which is sort of surprising given how ridiculous Bob Kane’s initial design of Batman was):

"Bob Kane was walking around going ‘I never put nipples on a Batsuit. Whoever heard of nipples on the Batsuit?"

But director Joel Schumacher came up with the idea, and thought it was awesome:

"Bob Kane doesn’t understand why Chris O’Donnell [Robin] has an earring and Batman has nipples. I told him ‘it’s the 90s, Bob! Pumped up!I wanted a very sexy, very sensual, very body-hugging suit. It’s my Gotham City, and if I want Batman to have nipples, he’s going to have nipples!"

Of course Joel Schumacher is a pretty terrible director, and the Bat-nipples remain a reminder of one of the darkest periods in comic book movie history. If Batman & Robin had been a success, who knows what comic book movies would look like today…

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