Snyder Talks The Lighter Side Of Batman


You may have noticed that every since Commissioner James Gordon took on the role of Batman, there’s been a lighter tone to the series. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo, who have been on Batman since the start of the New 52 a few years ago have written some fairly dark stuff in the time they’ve been on board. And Snyder talked with CBR about the recent change in tone.

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"We’ve always tried to zig zag. If “Court of Owls” was a detective story we wanted to do horror after and do “Death of the Family,” and then from there go incredibly bright and colorful in “Zero Year” and then go dark. We’ve tried to do all sorts of different things. With this story what I would say is it’s sort of Trojan horsed in where it is bright and it’s funny and it’s mean to be sort of a lighter hearted start, but the villain is very scary and what’s it’s about is very personal. I mean, for me, Commissioner Gordon is struggling to see whether Batman can be a symbol of all the things that people put in place to protect themselves in a city like Gotham — you know, the police, local government, all of these things that they’ve lost faith in in Gotham at this moment because of what happened in “Endgame” and historically. He wants so badly to be this bridge between those things and the population. And the villain, Mr. Bloom, is sort of the thing that comes up out of the cracks when there are these giant chasms between communities, between classes, between authority and the population, all of that. And he exacerbates that and takes full advantage in a very horrific way."

Read the full interview at with Scott Snyder & Greg Capullo at CBR at the link provided to find out why fights are a good thing, why Endgame was not the end of their Batman run and more. Batman #42 is on shelves now.

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