Supergirl: First Poster Touts A Hero On The Rise


I wonder if this is meant figuratively, literally or both ways? In any case, Entertainment Weekly got to debut the first official poster for Supergirl today, which comes with the tag line, “A new hero will rise.”

That sounds very much in the spirit of the Supergirl story in general, which has Kara Zor-El just starting to explore her powers and find her role as a hero in her mid-20s. It’s a cool image too, one that reinforces the idea that we’ll see Melissa Benoist in a costume with very familiar colors — arguably the brightest on any super hero TV show so far — and swooping through the sky sooner rather than later.

And as any number of people have noted, Supergirl could use all the promotional heft CBS can muster. Not because of any questions of quality (though reaction to the leaked pilot has been mixed online), but because the show will be up against both Gotham and Monday Night Football in its 8 pm Monday slot.

You can be sure we’ll have at least one staffer watching it and recapping the action this season. Supergirl will debut on Monday, October 26 at 8:30 pm.

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