Arrow: Jeri Ryan Cast As Jessica Danforth


It seems that The CW’s Arrow has assimilated former Star Trek: Voyager Seven of Nine actress Jeri Ryan into its list of guest star appearances.  Via Access Hollywood, we’ve learned that Ryan will be playing Jessica Danforth who is described as “a friend of the Queen family” where “Her political ambitions will place her in the crosshairs of a menacing antagonist.”

Jeri Ryan is most famous for playing the role of Seven of Nine — a former human who was assimilated into the Borg collective at a young age, forcing her to relearn her humanity after she’s freed — on the hit series Star Trek: Voyager.  After the series ended, Ryan made a number of appearance on other popular shows such as Boston Public, Boston Legal, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Psych, Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Warehouse 13, and NCIS.  Later, she reprised her Seven of Nine role via voice for two Star Trek video games: Star Trek: Voyager Elite Force (2001) and Star Trek Online (2014).

The character of Jesscia Danforth seems to be a creation of the show as she has not appeared in any other media.  She will make her debut in the second episode of Arrow Season 2.

Season 4 of The CW’s Arrow will premiere on Wednesday, October 7, 2015 at 8PM EST.

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