Arrow: Stephen Amell To Sport The Green Arrow Goatee In Season 4?


All signs point to Arrow no longer serving as a proper name for the series as it moves into Season 4 this fall. Not only is the season premiere titled “Green Arrow,” but star Stephen Amell just appeared at Comic-Con earlier this month announcing to the world that Oliver Queen would continue to save his city as Green Arrow.

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Still, there’s something missing from the character to make him match up with the Silver Age Green Arrow some of us grew up reading. I’m not talking about Ollie’s famously liberal political leanings, but rather facial hair. Green Arrow almost always was depicted with a pretty sweet mustache and a matching goatee, though we haven’t seen much from stubble from Amell’s TV version just yet.

Maybe that will change in Season 4. thinks it might, citing the following tweet from Amell as evidence:

Are we reading too much into it? Maybe. After all, the new Green Arrow costume is closer to what the current comic book incarnation wears than the classic green tights, so it’s possible Amell didn’t think that much about this particular image and just wanted to reinforce the idea that his character will be calling himself something different.

On the other hand, when Oliver returns from his #Olicity road trip, he can’t very well just resume what he was doing before, given the Arrow’s shaky relationship with the Starling City PD. Growing an impressive goatee could help suggest it’s no longer Oliver Queen firing arrows at criminals, especially if no one gets too close. That might be a stretch of logic on any other TV show, but there have been so many archers running around on Arrow the last few years that it’s not entirely out of the question.

I hope we see it, just because it’s humorous picturing Amell with that goatee. We’ll find out for sure as Season 4 unfolds, beginning on Wednesday, October 8 on The CW.

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